10 years after murder, Adrienne Shelly Foundation honors other women filmmakers

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She was a well-known filmmaker who’s life was tragically cut too short. Tonight, we sit with Adrienne Shelly’s husband, who has made sure to keep her memory alive. We speak with him ahead of Monday night’s ‘Women of Vision Salute‘ at MoMA, which recognizes female filmmakers.

Adrienne Shelly

Adrienne Shelly

"This is the 10th year anniversary of Adrienne’s death,” Andy Ostroy, Adrienne Shelly's husband, said.

Filmmaker Adrienne Shelly was murder in her Greenwich Village apartment by a construction worker.

"This event for us is a way to take that legacy and to expand it and honor filmmakers," he explained of Monday's event.

A legacy that lives on through a foundation, started almost immediately after her death.

"A simple mission to support women filmmakers. we have awarded 60 production grants to women all over the world," Ostroy said.

On Monday, the foundation will honor filmmaker Rebecca Miller.

"It's very meaningful to be selected," Shelly smiled. "I'm very pleased  to honor Adrienne Shelly’s memory."

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will also be showing a film that is near and dear to her.

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"'The Ballad of Jack and Rose' is a very special film for me because I made it with my husband Daniel Day Lewis," she explained.

Rebecca is the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller, whose work The Crucible is back on Broadway. Also, on stage, a musical version of the movie 'Waitress,' which Adrienne Shelly wrote and starred in, but never got to see its success.

"To see this kind of attention to her work 10 years after she wrote that script is really amazing for us," Ostroy said. "It’s also very bitter sweet”

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And this year's honoree has a new film coming out in May called 'Maggie's Plan.'

"Maggie’s plan was a departure for me in that it’s dominant feature is comedy versus drama,” Miller explained. "In a sense, it was a great joy to me to connect with audiences in this way."

And Rebecca's advice to young filmmakers..?

"Don’t lose the rough edges because that’s what makes you special and different from everybody," she said.

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