Why your midlife years are the best

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If you think your midlife years mean your best days are behind you, think again. Robi Ludwig is a psychotherapist and author of "Your Best Age is Now." She shows us how midlife can be an amazing time of life if you know the right strategies.

Dr. Ludwig shares five easy strategies to living your best and happiest life during midlife:

1) Dismantle your faulty mindset about midlife and replace it with a whole new paradigm. Get in touch with your inner adolescent energy by rebelling against society's “It’s too late for me attitude”. Say “No” to this old and false idea and “yes” to the renewed and inspired life of possibilities ahead of you.

2) Resolve your regrets and move on! Life is about failing up. Use regrets to your advantage. As a wake-up call to inject new meaning and energy into your life. Use them to create new opportunities for yourself and then move forward with confidence.

3) Determine what your "having-it-all" is. During midlife we need to see ourselves as the success we already are. Don’t define yourself or success too narrowly. Own the way you make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small this difference may be.

4) Adopt a spiritual perspective. The studies are clear that embracing a spiritual perspective leads to overall feelings of happiness, especially when it comes to life satisfaction. Embracing spirituality lowers depression, reduces anxiety, and lowers our stress levels. It also helps us to focus on what really matters in life, while allowing us to connect to others in a more meaningful way

5) Validate yourself. Midlife allows you to look no further than yourself for validation. Listen to your inner voice. Honor your own feelings and explore who you are really meant to be during this important phase of your life.

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