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Students claim they spotted bedbugs at Brooklyn College

Posted: 7:41 PM, Apr 07, 2016
Updated: 2016-04-07 20:05:53-04

Bedbugs have been spotted all over New York City.  In movie theaters, on subways, and now they're apparently hungry for some higher learning.

In a video, recorded at Brooklyn College and posted to a school facebook page on Tuesday, a bug which appears to be too big to be a bed bug darts across a classroom wall.  Another picture with the comment, "I squished this on my arm in the Georgian room behind the cafeteria.  Is this a bed bug??" was posted just one day earlier.  This one appears to be the real deal.

"I mean my high school was cleaner," said student Christine Pacheco.  "So you would think that we're paying a tuition, that we're paying all this money that they would keep it cleaner.  But I know it's hard because there's so many people that go here, they can't possibly clean it all the time."

"I've never seen any bedbugs here," said student Jeffrey Estrella. "It looks pretty clean in my experience, but I've heard of the issue."

School officials say there were two isolated incidents of bed bugs on campus here at Brooklyn College.  But they say since, they've squashed the problem.

The administration sent an e-mail to students which said, in part:

"Our pest control experts have conducted inspections and all areas have been treated. No additional activity (such as live insects, carcasses, or eggs) was identified.  This confirms that these were stray bed bugs likely to have been inadvertently introduced from an external source."

That was enough for some students to go back their studies.

"I think they took care of the issue pretty quick," said Estrella. So I'm not worried or anything."

But given the fact the bugs can be carried home just as easily as they can be carried to school, some aren't sleeping easy just yet.

"It's the fact that it jumps from person to person," said Pacheco. "And that it gets in any material or fabric item.  Or that they suck people's blood. It's just very nasty and dirty.  So, I'm concerned."

The school says it takes all pest control matters very seriously.  They're asking students to report any future sightings the facilities department right away.  For now, though, they consider the problem exterminated.​