Photographer scales New York buildings to take pictures

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BROOKLYN— A Brooklyn photographer scales the tops of New York City buildings to take pictures of sweeping views.

The NYPD wants James McNally to stop— he's even been arrested twice.

"I am not a Spiderman hanging off the sides of buildings over streets. You know, really my motivation is to make beautiful photographs," McNally said.

While free climbing the tops of skyscrapers would terrify most people, McNally said there is no time for fear.

"For me I'm also actively appreciating the sheer beauty of what I'm seeing," he said.

While the pictures he takes are breathtaking, according to the NYPD what he does is illegal.

McNally was arrested on March 20th for climbing 70 Pine Street back in September.​ Previously, he was arrested on January 16th for another September climb of 157 West 57th Street.

He was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing for both buildings.

"As far as the statement about the charges related to those buildings, I don't really want to comment on that. But I certainly haven't stopped taking pictures, ya know some of them have been from buildings," he said.

McNally posts his pictures and videos on youtube, his website and on Instagram. His handle is @jamakiss and he keeps posting even after his arrests.

"Really what I am is a photographer and a dedicated one who is willing to go to lengths that very few people are willing to go to," Mcnally said.

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