Backstage on Broadway: Jesse Tyler Ferguson returns to stage in one-man show ‘Fully Committed’

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“There’s always been this idea floated about them having another baby,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson said.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is letting us in on his hopes for the next season of 'Modern Family'.

"I think the beauty of the show is that we don’t stray too far from what works,” he explained. "So I don’t think it’s going to be anything crazy.”

But, now he's taking some time away from the hit show to star on Broadway in Fully Committed.

“Sam is the hero of Fully Committed, he’s a reservationist at a very, very fancy restaurant in New York City,” he described. "And he finds himself at work on this very busy day all by himself."

So this 5-time Emmy-nominated actor has to keep the place running, all by himself, playing more than 40 characters.

“It’s certainly the most challenging role, I mean roles, I’ve ever played,” Ferguson smiled.

And as someone with a known name and face, we had to know what Ferguson is like when it comes to dining a popular eateries.

"I call, I say who I am, sometimes because of 'Modern Family', I will admit that it helps,” he smirked. "But I’m certainly not one that’s going behave badly if I can’t get in, if it means putting myself on the wait list, I’ll put myself on the wait list or find somewhere else to eat.”

While he loves being part of a big family, Ferguson says it's a refreshing challenge being in a one-man show.

“it can be very lonely but at the same time, there’s something really beautiful about being in charge,” he said. “Like if there’s something you decide about a character and you kind of hope the rest of the cast goes with that idea, this is an instance where I can make that decision and the rest of the cast will go with that idea!"

Fully Committed is currently playing at the Lyceum Theatre with a limited run through July 24th.

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