Jail accidentally releases murder suspect — who’s still on the loose

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Kansas City, MO (KCTV) — An accused killer out of jail and free because of an error remains on the run six weeks later.

Malcolm Johnson, 26, was simply allowed to walk out of the Jackson County Jail before he even went to trial.

“We apologize to citizens of Jackson County and to the family of the victim. It’s terrible that this occurred,” said Director of the Jackson County Jail Joe Piccinini.

Piccinini explained that paperwork wasn’t fully read and it wasn’t double checked and that lead to the premature release of Johnson.

“I’m crushed, hurt, bothered, I’m upset. I can’t really put that into words,” said Crystal Yates, the victim’s mother.

The family of murder victim Montario Hogan spoke to KCTV5 when the mistake was first publically announced.

“I just shook my head like what? This doesn’t make sense,” said Curtis Harris, the victim’s uncle.

“It’s a murder. You know, someone’s dead,” said Izeta Simpson, the victim’s grandmother.

The director of the jail made himself available for the first time Thursday. He admits procedures were not appropriately followed.

“More importantly we’ve taken steps to work toward preventing something like this from happening again,” Piccinini said.

He said a manager will now approve all serious releases. The jail is also working on better communications with its partners.

Police continue to look for Johnson, who is wanted on the murder charge.