Run-D.M.C. memorial in Queens defaced by gangs

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HOLLIS, Queens -- A defaced Run-D.M.C. mural in Hollis, Queens is getting a new a look after gang symbols covers positive image.

Now neighbors are turning the hate into inspiration.

The DMC mural on 198th street was unveiled in December 2015, an artist gift from Culture Cocoa Arthouse to Hollis highlighting the achievements of group Run-D.M.C. and the special community.

"The hip hop always up lifted us," D.M.C. said.

But this week, that joy got a bitter stain when someone vandalized the wall spray painting gang signs over the artwork.

"It's unfortunate someone would feel this way. It's messed up he or she wanted to do this," artist Hallamoda said.

It didn't take long for artist and volunteers to correct the negative symbol. Teams worked non-stop reversing the hate and covering it up with hope.

"We're not going to let them win, he community we got this," artist John Hailey said.

It was a slight set back to community members who are proud of the new art around Hollis, but they feel the defacing is far from a new trend.

"The community is very strong that's why they out beloved over the painting that's there," neighbor Miss Dollie said.

So far, there has been no arrest in this defacing case. But artists aren't concerned about that.

In fact they hope whoever did this will join them to lift up communities instead of bringing them down.

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