Feds bust woman Howard chased two years ago

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QUEENS -- A Queens woman finally has to answer for a long-running alleged fraud she’s been pulling.

Two years ago we told you about Raina Massey of Elmhurst. She was soliciting investors for nonexistent franchises in a medical lab business. Seonarine Bishundial and his wife Shantie gave her $100,000 for one.

“She promised us the first month we would make back the 100,000 dollars that we give to her, the business would keep growing. But nothing happened after then.” Shantie told me back in 2014.

After we got involved, Massey refunded $5,000 to the Bishundials. She promised to work out a payment plant for the rest. That never happened.

We received emails and calls from other people who said they’d been victimized by Raina Massey. Some said they were promised H-1B visas to work in the country and Massey charged them for the processing. But when they got here there was no H-1B, just menial work and no guarantee they’d be able to stay legally.

In April, the feds came calling. Rainey Massey was arrested. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey says she’s charged with visa fraud, wire fraud and identity theft. It calls her supposed clinical research company “bogus.” The U.S. Attorney’s office says she was released on $150,000 bond.

In April, we spoke with Massey’s attorney, Bruno Bier. He said Massey has pleaded not guilty and looks forward to her day in court.

Since our original report in April, the US Attorney’s office tells us Bier, has withdrawn from the case. She has until June 13 to get a new lawyer.  So the proceedings have been delayed until July 31.

What’s that they say? Justice delayed is justice denied.  Massey can’t delay this forever.

Meanwhile, Seonarine Bishundial, who says Massey took him for $100,000 tells us he still hasn’t even been contacted by the prosecution.


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