64-year-old wanted by NYPD for violent crimes against the elderly

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BROOKLYN— The NYPD says a 64-year-old is behind a recent slew of attacks against the elderly in Queens and Brooklyn.

Elizabeth was the victim of one of his crimes nearly a month ago, "He choked me three times."

The 91-year-old explained what is was like for her when she could not meet the demands of the attacker.

"Give me money. I don't have it.  He picked up the gun and pointed it at me."

Cops say Jones not only choked Elizabeth, but he also pointed a gun at the man that interrupted them and robbed him of $375 in cash.

It was just over one week ago that the NYPD added additional crimes in the 66th, 78th and 104th precinct to the Jones' spree.  There were several victims in those robberies, including an 87, 83, 81, and 71-year-old. 

Jones made out with close to $1500 In cash.

It was not until Friday that the NYPD made it official that the department is looking for Jones.  As evident, it is someone they are familiar with, as he was wanted back in 2014 for a similar crime in the Bronx.

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