Pet cat survives 8-day journey through the mail

Posted at 10:54 AM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 10:54:36-04

WEST SUSSEX, England — A lucky cat survived an 260-mile journey through the mail when her owners accidentally packaged her with some DVDs.

The owners of Cupcake, a Siamese cat, were mailing an order of DVDs from their home in Cornwall to West Sussex. They didn't realize they had packaged their pet in the box, according to the Grove Lodge Veterinary Group.

The delivery arrived safely 8 days later. When the recipient opened his order, he was surprised to see Cupcake walk out, the veterinarian group said.

RSPCA collected the cat and brought her to Grove Lodge Vets for a health check.

Cupcake was extremely dehydrated and required intensive treatment to ensure her full recovery, the vet group said. However, she "seems quite relaxed and unconcerned."

Thankfully, Cupcake had a microchip that led vets straight to her owners. She was reunited with her family on Sunday.

The owners had put up posters in their neighborhood, desperately searching for Cupcake, not realizing their cat was shipped 260 miles away.

The vet group emphasized that without her microchip, vets wouldn't have been able to track down Cupcake's family.