California teen mows lawns to earn money for a date with his girlfriend

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OAKDALE, Calif. — It’s a love story that began with a lawn mover and a neighbor’s help.

Cody Mitschelin wanted to take his girlfriend out on a proper date, but he didn’t have the money to do so, according to KCRA. So the 14-year-old started his own business and offered to mow his neighbors’ lawns for $5.

He knocked on the door of his neighbor, Ryan Cox, who at first rejected the teen. But since Cox was “a hustler,” he asked the 14-year-old why he was trying to mow people’s lawns.

“I’d like to take my girlfriend to lunch tomorrow and I don’t have enough money,” Mitschelin said to Cox, according to a Facebook post.

Cox was so impressed with the teen he helped him achieve his goal. They went door-to-door and asked his neighbors if they needed their lawns mowed or any other household chores done for some cash, the Facebook post said.

Cox posted a photo of Mitschelin mowing a lawn on Facebook Sunday.

“I’m so happy this still exists… Hope is still alive for the future generation and our sons and daughters. I’m impressed by whoever is raising this boy, great job!!! Thanks to you guys that also noticed and pitched in on the cause to building our future men!” Cox wrote in the Facebook post.

The post has been shared more than 91,000 times.

Mitschelin was able to buy his girlfriend a bouquet of flowers and take her to Safari Pizza for their date, KCRA reported.

The restaurant owner offered a complimentary meal to the young lovebirds, which gave Mitschelin enough money to take his girlfriend out on two more dates.

On Thursday, Cox posted another photo of the two teens on an ice cream date.

“Good job Cody, keep up the good work kid!” Cox wrote in the post.

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