Princeton University investigating remotely printed anti-semitic fliers

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PRINCETON, N.J. -- There have been reports of anti-semitic fliers coming off printers at universities across the country on Friday.

At least five locations at Princeton University received the single-page flier, which was described by one student as black-and-white with two swastikas, a website and a call to join the white supremacist cause.

“That kind of awfulness, that just seems beyond me,” said Princeton freshman John Ennis.

Some professors chose to show the flier to their class.

“It was sent to the dance department’s coordinator and she’s Jewish,” said Princeton freshman Julia Jansen, who said her class was asked to discuss it.

"It’s just very frightening in this day and age,” she said, “I was in a state of shock because I took a course last semester on causes of war, and terrorism as a topic. I feel like this has a lot to do with the recent, like Brussels, the extreme aspects of terrorism. And I feel like this is just another extreme group that is trying to incite fear in people."

There has been news of other Ivy League schools receiving the flier, along with reports of them at universities like UMass Amherst and DePaul University in Chicago.

Princeton University Public Safety officials are investigating alongside the University's Office of Information Technology.