Man, woman found dead in SUV in Hackensack

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HACKENSACK, N.J. -- A man and woman were found dead Friday inside a vehicle in Hackensack, N.J. -- and neighbors believe the two were having sex when they died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Police have not determined an exact cause of death, but say there were no visible signs of violence.

Just after 8 a.m. Friday  the head concierge at 150 Overlook Avenue said a Hackensack police car passing a black Chevy Tracker with New York license plates spotted the young man and young woman who appeared to be sleeping in the car.

But when police looked more closely, they realized the young couple was dead.

A woman's pink pocketbook could be seen on the hood of the SUV.

Several people have an unconfirmed theory about how the two people died.

"It was carbon monoxide poisoning. That is what I am hearing," Chris San Martin, the head concierge at 150 Overlook Avenue told PIX11. "I am hearing They had just had sex in the car," he added.

Another person, Judi Barber, a neighbor, said. "I heard they were making love in the front seat of the car. The seat was down and they died from carbon monoxide."

Just after noon, the SUV was covered with tarps and towed away with the two bodies still inside.

This is an upscale block of luxury apartments and people here are shaken by what has happened.

"I am alive, I am not dead. Where is he?" an unidentified distraught woman arrived at the scene where the two bodies were found.

"Where is he? Where did you guys take the body," the woman could be heard asking detectives before she was taken by police to be interviewed at the police precinct.

This unidentified woman who lives nearby arrived at the scene telling police that her boyfriend didn't come home last night and was last seen with a female friend.

Police are continuing to interview her back at the police station.