Man pays $1000 for bottle of ranch

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DEEP ELLUM, Texas (KTVT) — $1,000 for a bottle of ranch?

A North Texas man just bought it — but when you hear why, it might not seem so insane.

It’s in a plastic bottle, a typical household brand, yet Josh Tipton spent a grand for this salad dressing.

“I’ve had a lot of people come want to look at it. And I’m like, it’s just a bottle of ranch,” Tipton said.

But it’s really not — for the last five years, the bottle sat in a wooden case at Cane Rosso Pizza in Deep Ellum.

“It’s so legendary. I’ve kind of always thought about buying it. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to,” Tipton said.

You see, the restaurant has one rule when it comes to their pizza: no ranch. Ever. Unless you’re willing to spend $1,000.

“Never in a million years did we think someone was actually going to buy the bottle of ranch,” Beth Moore, owner of Cane Rosso said.

Beth Moore and her team are animal lovers. The company even runs its own dog rescue.

When they heard about the fire that destroyed the Humane Society in Beaumont, killing more than 70 dogs at the shelter, they held a fundraiser.

The infamous bottle of ranch was a part of it.

“Nothing is ever going to take away the pain that they felt, but I’m glad we’re able to help monetarily take some of that stress away from them,” Moore said.

Tipton, a dog owner himself, is just happy to help and finally get some ranch for his pizza.

“Only in Texas, only in Dallas could you spend $1,000 on a bottle of ranch,” Tipton said.

Tipton says he’ll never open the bottle. He plans to frame it as a reminder to help others in times of need.