Madonna ordered to remove fake ‘no parking’ signs at Upper East Side townhouse after neighbors complain

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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Madonna is firing back at her neighbors on Instagram after neighbors complained to the city about the fake parking signs she placed around her Upper East Side townhouse.

Madonna posted "No Parking" signs in front of her driveway and painted a yellow line on the curb to replicate the city's "drop off only" zone, according to WCBS. The signs were not issued by the city.

"I think it's overkill," Al Westenberger, an Upper East Side resident told WCBS.

"It's almost rude," resident Vivian Diamond said.

A disgruntle resident was so unhappy about her "diva" response to parked cars that the person reported the fake signs and yellow curb paint to the Department of Transportation.

Under New York City law, unauthorized signs and defacement of sidewalks is forbidden. Madonna was issued an official letter of defacement Thursday after officials investigated the incident.

But the pop star isn't giving up on keeping cars off her property. She posted a picture of's article on Instagram with the caption:

Yes Bishes I am Madonna and that is my driveway and if people park in front of it i cant drive in my driveway! So sorry the city doesn't like the color yellow! We will paint a nice dull grey to keep our neighbors happy! Sorry😔! Im saying 3 extra Hail Mary's this Easter for this transgression!

Like the Queen of Pop said, she is Madonna, and even fans recognize that.

"She's Madonna let her do what she wants," fan Joey Pennino said.

It's unclear if Madonna will face any legal actions.