Friday is the last day to register to vote as NY primary nears

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On this, the last day in which voters can register for the New York state primaries, some supporters of Bernie Sanders say openly that they're attempting to use voter registration drives to help score an upset against Hillary Clinton on the turf she calls home.

However, some political analysts, including Thomas Halper, a political science professor at Baruch College, feel that the primary's main importance will be to help another New Yorker:  Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, on Reddit, some New York residents report that their voter registrations have been bungled by the Board of Elections, with their party affiliations changed, in some cases.

Voting activists are encouraging New Yorkers to confirm their voting status online to ensure it's correct.

Meanwhile, at dozens of locations across New York City and state on Friday, Sanders supporters like Townsend West, a public schoolteacher, stood by tables full of voter registration forms, urging passersby to fill them out before today's deadline passed.

"Just vote," West said about why she was volunteering her time.  She said that she wanted people to vote for "the person I feel is the best candidate,"  But more than anything,  she said, "I want them to vote."

She also acknowledged that in Democratic primary elections, when voter turnout is high, it tends to help Sanders, at the expense of Hillary Clinton.

A prominent state politician who's pledged support for Sanders agreed.

"We want people to feel the Bern," State Senator James Sanders of Queens – no relation to presidential candidate Sanders – said, invoking the slogan of his chosen candidate.

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