Off Ted Cruz’s suggestion, how realistic is it for police to watch over NYC’s scattered Muslim communities?

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NEW YORK – Surveillance of the Muslim community is already a part of the NYPD's past.  The program was dismantled. Numerous civil liberties organizations said it violated the basic rights of Muslim Americans.  In several reports and even the  NYPD themselves saying the program was in large part ineffective and did not yield a single criminal lead.

And yet now it is being suggested again by GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. What if Cruz's proposal somehow became a reality every so called Muslim neighborhood suddenly came under watch?

Tony Carnes, editor with a non-for-profit, A Journey through NYC Religions, explores all faiths and their role in every city neighborhood.

In reality, Carnes says while there are concentrations of Muslim neighborhoods the task Cruz is proposing is unrealistic.

Concentrations Carnes points out in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn Manhattan and Staten Island all exist yes- but they are not isolated and are scattered across all five boroughs.

Carnes' organization found the population of Muslims to be anywhere from 400,000 to 800,000 in NYC.  The city also has the largest concentration of mosques in the country, 285.