Bronx funeral home cremates wrong woman before son could say proper goodbye

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THE BRONX -- A Bronx funeral home mixed-up the bodies of two women and even cremated one before her son could say goodbye.

Donald Little said it, "deprived me of sending her away peacefully. They burned her up and I didn't get to see her."

His mother Annie Little died in late December at the age of 82. McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home was supposed to prepare her for an open casket funeral.

But instead the funeral home mistakenly dressed Little in Val-Jean McDonald's clothes, put her in McDonald's casket and sent her to McDonald's funeral in a Harlem church.

According to reports, the McDonald family thought the woman in the casket didn't look like their mother but they proceeded with the funeral.

When the funeral home told both families about the mix-up it was too late. The McDonald family had already cremated the body.

According to Little's attorney Robert DiGianni, the family intends to sue McCall's.

"They interfered with his right of sepulcher, not just by what he did to her body but also about one week prior by putting her body on viewing in front of hundreds of strangers in another woman's clothes, in another woman's jewelry, with another name on the casket," DiGianni said.

A spokesperson from the funeral home told PIX11, “We’ve expressed our deepest regrets to Mr. Little and hope that we can bring some closure to Mr. Little and the McDonald family on this very painful episode.”