Man climbs down from Seattle tree after refusing to budge for over a day

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SEATTLE  — A man has finally climbed down from an 80-feet sequoia tree in downtown Seattle after spending more than a day up there. The man,  who was not being cooperative and at one point threw an apple at paramedics, was taken away in a stretcher.

Several blocks around 4th Avenue and Stewart were closed after 11 a.m. Tuesday while officers tried to negotiate with the man  to come down from the top of an 80-foot sequoia.   It was unclear why the man decided to climb up the tree, PIX11 sister station Q13 Fox reported.

The hashtag #ManInTree began trending on Twitter and Facebook as the standoff wore on, which drew swarms of onlookers.

“Officers arrived at the scene, determined the man posed a danger to himself, pedestrians and motorists, and closed several surrounding streets. Police attempted to contact the man, but he refused to speak with officers,” the Seattle Police Department said on its online crime blotter.

"During early attempts to contact the man, who appears to be suffering from a mental health crisis, he threw an apple, branches, pine cones and other items at officers on the street below, and claimed to be armed with a knife," SPD said. "Due to the his violent behavior and threats, and the man’s precarious position high above the ground, police are taking extreme caution to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

"Once the incident is resolved, Seattle Department of Transportation officials will review the health of the approximately 80-foot sequoia tree, believed to have been in place since the 1970s," SPD said.