Kids learn to sketch, sew and collaborate through Boys’ Club of New York ‘Design Team’

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“Do I look like a stylish guy?" I asked Bobby. "Not really," he replied with a smile.

There's nothing quite like getting fashion advice from a 10 year old.

“I’m thinking it’s the shirt, the pants and the tie," he explained what I needed help with.

Bobby Brissett isn't just giving me constructive criticism though, he's well on his way to dressing me with his own line.

"[My big goal in life is] to create my own business and sell my designs," he said. "I already have the name [BiteStyle] and the logo.”

A future and a purpose he owes to the Boys' Club of New York.

“It offers boys an opportunity to explore a wide range of interests, to develop new skills and their confidence and to really dream big,” Stephen Tosh, Executive Director, said.

The kids here are all part of the nonprofit's 'Design Team.'

“This class is learning about fashion through art and also kind of the business side of things and then bringing those things to real life," Madeline Maser, teacher. explained.

“I like everything about this class, I just like creating stuff," Emmanuel Soto, one of the boys, said.

“I like that I get to make a lot of cool stuff because I’m interested in art,” Jacob David, another Design Team student, smiled.

They learn useful skills like sketching, sewing and sharing.

“Sometimes they give me inspiration, sometimes I interpret off their ideas and give them ideas,” Christian said.

But it's about more than just stitching together capes, pockets and gloves, it's about belonging and being understood.

“When I come here I feel real excited to be with people who I know will actually be my friends and trust me," Mike Theodore said.

“We don’t get judged and the people here know and the intention of it and we all work together to make something,” Christian added.

While I know I could never do what these boys do, I left confident I'll be seeing their stuff on sale someday!


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi