Commissioner Bratton fires back at Ted Cruz in defense of Muslim-American officers

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NEW YORK — There are more than approximately one thousand members of the NYPD who happen to be Muslim.  Many are members of the department’s Muslim Officers Society.  Detective Ahmad Nasser, originally from Yemen, is among them.

“We're not new to the country. I've been here for 30 years myself.  My family before me has been here for more than 70 years,” said Detective Nasser.

Officer Mohamad Amen immigrated from Egypt 20 years. He joined the NYPD 10 years later.

Captain Waheed Akhter is from Pakistan and has been in the U.S., for the last 18 years and with the NYPD for 11.

In the past, they may have seemed to be shuffled into the background. Today, however, a spotlight is suddenly cast on these members of the force. It began months ago.

Now after the terror attacks in Brussels, it’s happening again.  GOP candidates making glaring remarks and attacking the Islamic faith, Muslims and the communities they live in.

“There are almost a million Muslims living in New York City, including almost 1,000 police officers many of whom are veterans, many of whom are combat veterans,” said Commissioner Bill Bratton in a press conference today.

Commissioner Bratton did not hesitate in his support of not only Muslims living in New York City, but of his officers who practice the same faith.

He also points out Muslim Americans here are some of the most law abiding and have been an integral part of the NYPD for years.

Each wear their badge proudly, but also believe a great responsibility comes with it.  Part of their roles in the Muslim Officers Society is to build a greater partnership and trust between the NYPD and the Muslim community and that is always a work in progress.

One the Commissioner said he personally is always working to improve.

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