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Bridal Buddy helps brides go to the bathroom on their special day

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This seems like every bride's dream: this product designed to assist a poofy-dress-wearing bride during her wedding day when nature calls. It's called the Bridal Buddy.

It's a common dilemma many women face on their big day. The task usually requires the assistance of at least one bridesmaid to awkwardly help undress the bride so she can get somewhat close to the toilet.

A video from the company shows exactly how it works.

It's worn as a slip underneath the gown, and when duty calls, brides pull the hem of the buddy up, taking the entire skirt of the gown with it, and then slip their arms through a pair of holes lined with something blue, of course.

The Buddy actually launched in 2006, but didn't go viral until now after the instructional videos were posted online. It retails for about $60.