Boston, Paris and Brussels: Brothers in terror wreak havoc and fear

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NEW YORK — We noticed a trend, when we got the news that two brothers were suicide bombers in the Brussels airport and Metro attacks.

We had heard it before:  the Kouachi brothers raiding the offices of Charlie Hebdo news magazine and fatally gunning down the editorial staff.

The Tsarnaev brothers leaving two, pressure cooker bombs at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

It emerged Wednesday evening that Turkish officials had deported Ibrahim El Bakraoui, one of the airport suicide bombers in Brussels, out of Turkey in June 2015.  And they warned Belgian authorities that El Bakraoui was a ‘foreign terror fighter.’

El Bakraoui, 30, and his younger brother, Khalid—27—were known to have criminal records in Belgiuim.  Ibrahim El Bakraoui was convicted in 2010 of shooting at police with a Kalashnikov rifle, while committing an armed robbery.  He wounded one of the officers, according to La Libre newspaper in Belgium.  He was sentenced to nine years in prison but was freed early.

Khalid El Bakraoui was sentenced to five years probation, according to La Libre, for a series of carjackings in 2011.  He blew himself up in the Brussels metro.

The brothers’ apartment in the Schaerbeek section of Brussels was being searched by forensic teams Wednesday.  The investigators apparently found quantities of TATP, a very efficient explosive.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui, one of the airport bombers who dressed in black and wore a single glove, left some kind of ‘will’ on his laptop.  There was an apparent reference to the fugitive from the Paris bombings who was apprehended and shot last Friday, Salah Abdeslam.  El Bakraoui wrote in his will: “I don’t know what to do.  I’m being hunted everywhere and am no longer safe.  If I go on like this, I will end up in a prison cell next to him.”

Now, Ibrahim El Bakraoui and his brother are dead.  The Kouachi brothers are dead.  Only Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remains alive from the Boston Marathon case, but he’s been sentenced to death.