Photo shows suspected terrorist wanted in Brussels attacks

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BRUSSELS — Authorities in Brussels released a photo they say shows one of the attackers who targeted an airport in the city as part of a deadly terror attack allegedly carried out by Islamic State group.

The image shows a man in glasses and a black hat wearing a light-colored jacket and pushing a cart carrying a large black duffel bag. He appears to be traveling through an airport.

“Do you recognize this man?” Belgium police said, in French, via their verified Twitter account. They began their tweet with the hashtag #TERRORISME.

A photo published by several national news outlets shows two other men, walking next to the man in the light-colored jacket. A Belgian prosecutor said those men were “probably” suicide bombers, the Associated Press reports.

The still-unnamed third man is wanted after two explosions Tuesday morning rocked Brussels’ Zavantem airport. A third blast struck in the city’s Maelbeek metro station. A Belgian federal prosecutor said at least one of the blasts at the airport was probably caused by a suicide bomber.

Authorities said there are dead at both sites and while the death toll has been fluctuating, it appears to be in the dozens with hundreds more injured.

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