Twitter turns 10! Take a look back at Twitter’s biggest moments

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NEW YORK —  ‘Just setting up my twttr’ – it was the first tweet ever posted on Twitter by co-founder Jack Dorsey. Simple yet historic.

Ten years later, over 500 million tweets are sent all around the world each day with 320 million active users.

When it comes to pivotal moments, 140 characters go along way.

A year after it’s launch, the hashtag made its debut. The biggest, most viral hashtag ever is #LoveWins.

It surfaced in 2015 in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

It was in 2009 when Twitter finally broke through in a big way.

When US Airways Flight 1549 crash landed in the Hudson River, Twitter user Janis Krums was one of the first on the scene, snapping this photo of the submerged aircraft.

He shared it on twitter and the photo soon went viral – the first to do so on the micro-blogging site. The image itself is now copyrighted and iconic.

Of course celebrities, a whole gaggle of them, took note of Twitter’s power. From Oprah to Ellen DeGeneres, they’re all tweeting.

The most followed person on Twitter right now is pop star Katy Perry with 84 million followers.

Celebs are also known to stir the pot with 140 characters.

Rocker Courtney Love was taken to court in 2014 in what’s considered to be the first trial in a U.S. courtroom involving allegations of defamation on Twitter.

In 2013, the site’s impact was undeniable and it was proven after the Associated Press’ main Twitter account was hacked.

Hackers issued the tweet:
Breaking: Two explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.

Although not true, in a matter of minutes the U.S. Stock Market reacted and the Dow Jones dropped over 140 points.

After a retraction, the market recovered.

It wasn’t the first time President Obama played some role in Twitter’s history. He was the first U.S. President to live tweet and clock in the most re-tweets for a photo.

For the re-election heard around the twitter-verse.

At the time it held the record but then Ellen DeGeneres came along and re-wrote the selfie game.

At the 2014 Academy Awards, the comedian posed for a selfie with some of Hollywood’s heavy weights and posted it on Twitter where it almost immediately became the most re-tweeted photo in the site’s history.

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