Mother of special needs student pushed around by school security guard plans to press charges

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ELIZABETH, N.J. - The mother of a 13-year-old special needs child says she wants to press charges after seeing video of her daughter pushed and grabbed repeatedly by a school security guard at Winfield Scott Elementary School.

Michael Hunter was fired over the incident, but has since been re-hired for more pay by the Elizabeth School District. He now works as a janitor at Mabel Holmes Middle School.

Surveillance video first aired by PIX11 in February shows Hunter repeatedly pushing and grabbing Wilzamarie Rolon, a special needs student.

“How can this security guard do this to my daughter?” questioned Rolon’s mother, Vilmarie Montes, "And while I’m looking at the video, it’s not only my daughter. There is other kids involved.”

The October 2014 surveillance video shows Hunter pushing kids away from their lockers. Hunter grabs one student by the leg, dragging her onto her back.

Rolon is pushed around most on the video. It begins with Hunter throwing her jacket into her face. When she tries to get to her locker, he lunges at her and grabs her by the arm before pushing her again. He eventually takes her down the hall by the back of her neck.

 “I took her to the hospital,” said Montes. Scared, she said her daughter was afraid to tell her what happened, and she claims: neither did the school.

“They never told me you could do a complaint or nothing. And the thing is, I didn't even see this video until now,” said Montes. She said the school's principal notified her that an incident had occurred, but did not provide details.

Hunter was re-hired after taking an ethics and boundaries class. School officials told PIX11 that his new role allows for minimal contact with students.

The Elizabeth School Board has a public meeting scheduled for Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at Mabel Holmes School.

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