Dog found on remote island after she was thought to be lost at sea for 5 weeks

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One lucky german shepherd is back with her family, after being lost at sea for over a month.

The pup, whose name is Luna, was discovered on an island in the Pacific by Navy staff.

“I’m just speechless, really,” Conner Lamb, a friend of dog’s owner said. “There are no words that can explain it. This is not a day that we thought would ever happen.”

Back on the mainland safe and sound, Luna, the 1-year-old german shepherd is some kind of K9 survival expert.

“They drove around the entire island multiple times,” Lamb said.

After days of searching by water and plane, Luna was presumed lost at sea, given up for dead weeks ago. But just yesterday, something miraculous happened on San Clemente Island.

“We’re driving up the main road and spotted her, opened up the car door and whistled and she jumped,” Melissa Booker, a naval biologist said.

Just like that, Luna was in the caring hands of naval conservationists.

“Everyone on the island wanted to see her, have a picture with her,” Booker said. “Everyone fell in love with her.”

Luna’s story started with her falling off her owner’s fishing boat in the dark of night, without a sound. Her owner Nick believed she was lost at sea.

Broken-hearted, he held out hope that Luna could survive, but  the island of San Clemente is not a hospitable place.


“There’s no standing water on the island on a permanent basis,” Booker said.

But with the luck of the El Niño storms, puddles formed and Luna survived off eating dead seagulls, fish corpses, and rats.

“We just have to thank the Navy, really,” Lamb said. “From Luna and her owner Nick and myself and everyone who knows this dog, our gratitude to them.”

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