Dozens of demonstrators march from Herald Square to UN protesting Donald Trump

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — Close to 200 people demonstrated in Herald Square Sunday with signs on so many topics, ranging from anti-war to anti-Donald Trump.

They were against war, against drones, against military occupation around the globe. But the organizers wanted to send a clear, unified message that they were all against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

"We want to send a message to Donald Trump," a protester said.

"We're focusing on Trump because he is the epitome of the racism, the anti-Muslim, the anti-immigrant" agenda," Sara Flounders of the International Action Center told PIX11 News.

"It is ugly and it is being whipped up today."

On Saturday, police used pepper spray twice to disperse protesters outside a Trump rally in Kansas City, a day after clashes between supporters and demonstrators forced the cancellation of a nighttime Trump rally in Chicago.

"We are thrilled what the people in Chicago did," rally organizer Tony Murphy said. "We want to emulate," Murphy added. "We want to send a message to Donald Trump that we don't want you to come to New York for your campaign."

From Herald Square, these New York City protesters marched to the UN with the closing rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

With all these different signs and messages, some passersby were confused.

"Their message is all muddled," passerby Matthew Talitaev said.

"There's 100 different signs with 80 different messages. Is it anti-Israel, anti-Trump, anti-drone? It's anti-Bush AND it's anti-Obama. I mean it's like every kind of activist theme all bundled in one," Talitaev said.

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