WATCH: Grandma gets confused when grandkids tell her she’s a great grandma

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These grandkids wanted to tell their grandma she was going to be a great grandma, but had a hard time trying to decode the message.

One of the grandchildren, Jackie, was expecting a baby. To surprise their grandmother with the news, they handed her a couple of gifts that said how great she was and that she was going to be a great grandma.

But she got confused and thought they were just giving her a compliment.

“Awe, thank you. I’m going to cry,” the grandmother said after hearing she was “a great grandma” multiple times.

Trying not to give the whole secret away, they tried to give her a couple more hints.

“You’re great, grandma, but you’re also going to be a great grandmother,” one of them said.

“Like you’re a grandmother, then you’re a great grandmother, then you’re a great great grandmother,” one of them tried to explain.

The grandma still didn’t get the message. Eventually they revealed that a new baby will be joining their family, and the great moment was all captured on camera.

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