IHOP worker arrested for allegedly giving out free drinks

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – An IHOP server in Brooklyn allegedly gave so many free drinks to customers, he lost his job and was hit with felony charges for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of beverages from his employer, according to prosecutors.

“I am a modern day Robin Hood. I am not stealing,” William Powell allegedly told his boss, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Kings County District Attorney.

“I am serving the ones in need. I take from the rich and give to the poor. What’s the big deal? I’ve been doing this since I started here.”

And he wasn’t lying, the restaurant’s owner Arkell Cox told prosecutors.

Surveillance cameras recorded Powell serving “a typical amount of beverages” to several tables, but receipts showed he never charged those customers for the drinks, the restaurant owner told prosecutors.

Cox said he matched surveillance footage to receipts on several dates during Powell’s time working at the restaurant and noticed the same pattern of comped drinks, according to the criminal complaint.

Powell worked at the restaurant at 253 Livingston St. in Brooklyn from August 2015 until last month, prosecutors said.

During that time, beverage sales made up about 6 percent of Powell’s receipts, significantly lower than his colleagues, whose beverage sales comprised an average 17 percent to 20 percent of their total receipts, Cox said.

Powell faces the following charges: two felony counts of grand larceny, two counts of criminal possession of stolen property, and petit larceny. One grand larceny charge against Powell covers goods stolen in excess of $1,000; the other cites $3,000 worth of stolen goods.

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