Search continues for missing Bronx nurse who vanished in December

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NEW YORK — She is a bright woman with a promising future and today she is missing.  Police believe she has been since early December, but only began their investigation after the NYPD was contacted by her employer on March 4th.

According to friends and confirmed from her LinkedIn page, Mahfuza Rahman, 30, was a registered nurse at Bellevue Hospital.  She was attending Hunter College and graduated from Dhaka University in her native country Bangladesh with a degree in Chemistry.

Neighbors, who asked not to be identified, told us Rahman and her husband, Mohammad Chowdhury, kept mostly to themselves.

"I only saw them sometimes and spoke to them sometimes, " said one neighbor.

Those who did see the couple from time to time were baffled by the sudden police presence.

A timeline of Rahman's disappearance first brought detectives to a time around December 8th when Bellevue Hospital police went to the couples home in the Bronx to check on Rahman.

Colleagues became concerned after Rahman failed to show up to work for several days.  NYPD Detectives said at the time, her husband said Rahman left for Bangladesh to tend to her parents after they were involved in a severe car accident.  Except investigators say that never happened.

Rahman's parents said they were fine and never in an accident.  Sources close to the case also say neither Rahman's US or Bangladeshi passports were used in recent months. But detectives were never able to question Chowdhury on that version of events because he left for Bangladesh with the couple's 9-year-old daughter just days later.

In the meantime, the NYPD picked up this investigation unfortunately with a three month delay after only being notified on March 4th by Bellevue Hospital administrators of Rahman's disappearance.

Since that day, investigators have been in and out with search warrants, looking into phone and financial records and of course,  through any video surveillance they can get their hands on.

Police say Rahman's Hunter College student ID card was swiped at the school on December 9th, one day after Bellevue Hospital police visited her home.  Investigators have not yet confirmed, however, if the ID was swiped by Rahman herself.

A fresh slab of concrete was also broken up by detectives, though nothing was found there.  Police say there have been no domestic incidents reported in the home.  Neither have criminal records.  At this point, police do have a contact number for Chowdhury in Bangladesh but have not been able to reach him or speak to him.  They say they need to speak to him to clarify some of the gaps in the investigation and to track down his wife.

PIX11 has also learned Chowdhury indicated to the Bangladeshi Consulate that he was returning to the U.S. February 2nd, but changed his return date to May 2nd.