What you need to know about the new SAT test

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The new SAT test makes its debut on Saturday, and the Princeton Review says "it's not your mother's SAT."

Jonathan Chiu, Princeton Review SAT content director, talked about the changes to the standardized test that parents and students should know about.

The advantages for students on the new test:

  • No penalty for wrong answers
  • Fewer answer choices (4 instead of 5)
  • No more explicitly-tested arcane vocab words

The disadvantages:

  • More advanced math questions
  • Many math questions require multiple steps
  • Longer sections

Other changes:

  • Top score is 1600 (not 2400)
  • Essay is optional and not used to calculate total score

Important information for students and parents:

  • You have a choice between the SAT and ACT
  • Be sure to take one of these tests
  • The new SAT is still a coachable test with strategies

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