Safety pin gets stuck in girl’s nose for 6 months

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HEMET, Calif. – The cause of a 5-year-old girl’s constant runny nose was revealed to be, bizarrely, a safety pin that was stuck in her nostril for six months.

The girl’s mother took her to three doctors, but none of them saw the 1 ½-inch pin – and Khloe never complained about being in pain, CNN affiliate KABC reports.

But for six months, the 5-year-old was blowing her nose almost constantly, her mother said. Until, one day, the culprit revealed itself.

"My brother was like, 'Your nose, it's just disgusting, blow your nose, blow your nose,' so she blows it and out it comes the safety pin,” the girl’s mother Katelyn Powell told KABC.

“It's like this big. It was a huge object. It was bigger that her nose. We were horrified. I was like, 'Did you put this up there?' She did, but she forgot to tell me."

Khloe said she was building a castle with safety pins and that’s when the device made its way into her nostril. Doctors plan to monitor her for infections, but Khloe said she feels fine.