Mother of teen daughter brutally raped at Brentwood country club speaks out, calls rapist ‘an animal’

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Jose Cornejo is accused of participating in the brutal rape of a girl (Suffolk County DA)

Jose Cornejo is accused of participating in the brutal rape of a girl (Suffolk County DA)

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. — The mother of a teenage girl who was brutally raped last May released a statement at the sentencing of the 17-year-old gang member Thursday, calling him “an animal who has no soul” claiming he is “beyond rehabilitation.”

Jose Cornejo was sentenced to 15 years in state prison and 15 years of post-release supervision. Judge Barbara Kahn said his guilty plea will spare the victim the trauma of reliving the brutal attack during a trial.

Cornejo apologized for what he described as “the troubles I caused to the world.”

Prior to the sentencing the mother of the victim released a statement, saying Cornejo robbed her daughter of her independence and self-esteem leaving her an “involuntary silent prisoner of her own home” with “an inability to trust anyone at this time.”


The girl continues to receive counseling and therapy.

Cornejo, 17, and his codefendant, Joel Escobar, 17, raped the victim while a third teen, Bryan Larios, 18, of Brentwood, acted as a lookout in a wooded area adjacent to the Brentwood Country Club on May 29, 2015.

According to Suffolk County Police, the teens allegedly approached the victim and another man near a Brentwood school and robbed them. The man ran away after the suspects hit him and stole his iPad.

Police say they then took the girl to the Brentwood Country Club Course at 100 Pennsylvania Ave., where they raped her in a wooded area. The girl was found naked by golfers on the course.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Lawrence Opisso says Cornejo and Escobar are believed to be MS-13 gang members.

Escobar, 18, of Brentwood, pleaded guilty Wednesday to rape, two counts of criminal sexual act and two counts of robbery.

Judge Kahn is expected to sentence Escobar to 12 years in prison and 15 years post release supervision on May 11 in Riverhead.