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On his 112th birthday, how Dr. Seuss would approach ‘Super Tuesday’

Posted: 6:37 PM, Mar 02, 2016
Updated: 2016-03-02 18:40:35-05

NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Wednesday is a big day for readers here and there.

It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday, he’s a big deal – I swear.

 He brought us some classics, about a Grinch and a Cat.

He’s more than worthy, of a tip of the hat.

What better way to do it but with a few household names.

Those who made a splash on Super Tuesday.

 When it came to the Democrats, it was a “hill” of a day.

As Hillary Clinton won, in a very big way.

 A total of seven states, some say she’s close to being Commander-in-chief.

“Not so fast,“ said one Bernie Sanders.

 The “burn” is still very much alive, having won four states.

His campaign vows to stay in, despite Clinton’s lead in delegates.

In the GOP Rubio made a wave that was less than an iota

Only securing a win in good ol’ Minnesota.

 While Rubio marches on, Ted Cruz is still alive.

Winning Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska - Currently he’s second in line.

 Second to who you ask? Well its not so much a secret.

It’s the powerhouse they call Trump, the one who cannot be weakened

 He’s a reality star, real estate mogul.

Who is pretty close to moving in the office that’s “oval.”

 While campaigns move onward, moving and shifting.

Can someone please find out what’s wrong with Chris Christie.

 Is he mad, is he frightened? Is he just having a bad day?

The world may never know. Regardless, Dr. Seuss - Happy Birthday.