Stop shrinking leg room space on airplanes, Schumer says

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LAGUARDIA, Queens — U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said Sunday passengers should get more leg room and he is calling on Congress to make it happen by the end of March.

Schumer said over the years leg room space shrunk from 35 to 31 inches, and that it's time for airlines to give back the space and make more room.

"I'm short and it's brutal." Judy Gravel told PIX11 News before getting on a flight at LaGuardia airport.

Most air travelers said that stretching out on a flight is no longer an option.

"You can only sit," Christopher Skroupa said. "It is particularly uncomfortable if you want can't even use computer. There is no room."

Schumer said he wants Congress to come up with a minimum seat size and legroom space to give air travelers in coach and economy more room. This will prohibit airlines from shrinking legroom space to cram in more passengers in a flight for bigger profits.

"The bottom line is everything is being taken away," Schumer said. "The average passenger feels like they are being treated like a sardine, squeezed and squeezed and squeezed."

Passenger Joshua Gallo, who's heading to Chicago, said he hopes Schumer's succeeds with his proposal.

"I would make life easier," Gallo said.

Airlines for America said seat size in all transportation is determined by what is safe, a decision made by the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Safety is always a top priority."