Fake construction workers trick 90-year-old woman out of life’s savings

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SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – A pair of phony workers tricked a 90-year-old New Jersey woman into letting them into her home then stole her life’s savings – more than $10,000 worth, authorities said Monday.

It was about 1:30 p.m. Feb. 18 when two men knocked on the victim’s door near Georges and Haypress roads in South Brunswick, police said.

They posed as construction workers and told her she needed trees on her property cut down, police said. When the victim agreed and let them into her home, one of the men distracted her while the other took thousands of dollars in cash.

Police did not say how much money was taken, but it totals more than $10,000, they said.

The victim said she did not see a vehicle and provided a vague description of the culprits, saying one was older, one younger and both had “tan or olive skin.”

Neither were wearing any kind of uniform, police said.

Authorities are asking residents to call them if they had a similar visit recently, because they’re looking for a better description of the men.

If they come to your door, officials said residents should not answer the door and call police immediately.

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