Yelp employee fired after making public post about her salary

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NEW YORK— A Yelp customer service employee was fired after she made a public post about the company. Capture

Talia Jane, 25, wrote an open letter to Yelp’s CEO, saying that it is hard to live on the current salary she makes at the company.

Jane told BuzzFeed News that she moved to San Francisco to work for the company in August.

She rented an apartment 30 miles away from the company’s office, but struggles to afford rent, making only $12.25 an hour. Besides her rent, Jane said she has to factor in $200 a month in transportation fees.

Jane said she had to cut back on groceries in order to afford her rent and bills. She said that she didn’t expect to be hungry every night— even with a full time job.

Yelp released a statement about Jane’s letter saying they don’t comment on personnel matters, and that the letter was an expression of free speech.

After Jane was fired, CEO Jeremy Stoppelman took to Twitter saying that Jane’s letter was not the reason for her dismissal.

Jane believed the company was not honest about why she got fired.