Young couple killed in tragic car crash on Valentine’s Day

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EDGEWATER, Md. – A young couple married for only six months was tragically killed in a car crash on Valentine’s Day.

Kayla, 20, and Daniel Amos, 21, were traveling southbound when another car traveling northbound crossed the center line on Solomons Island Road and struck them Sunday afternoon, according to the Capital Gazette.

Moments later, another car traveling southbound hit both cars, overturning the young couple’s car. Two others were injured in the crash, the Gazette reports.

Daniel died at the scene and Kayla was taken off life support Monday morning at a Baltimore hospital, according to a post by their Church on Facebook.

They got married on August 14 after meeting and falling in love as teens in high school, according to the Gazette. They met at Pantuxent High School when Kayla was 17 and Daniel was 18.

Matthew Wright, Daniel’s best friend, told the Gazette, “”It took him a month to figure out he loved her … Six months in, he’s talking about marrying her.”

Both Kayla and Daniel were involved at Chesapeake Church – he played guitar for their “Worship Team” and she was a part of the group’s hospitality team.

“They were meant to be together,” Daniel Palmer, an executive pastor the church, told the Gazette. “All us old people said, ‘You have to wait. You’re too young.’ We were proven wrong.”

Loved ones say Kayla was enjoying settling into their new home in California, Maryland, the Gazette reports.

“They were just getting started,” her Maertens said. “She was saying how fun it was to go to stores now that she had her own house. She was having fun with all the newlywed stuff.”