Turf war: Hillary Clinton turns NYC into battleground 1 week after Bernie Sanders visit

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NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton took to the stage just off of Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem late this afternoon to the cheers of supporters.

Critical to point out that this is some 500 miles away from the South Carolina border and approximately 2,200 miles away from Nevada.  The two are key states with a primary and caucus on the horizon.

However, in a page from Senator Bernie Sanders' playbook, Secretary Clinton came to the city today to not only visit with supporters just blocks from where her husband established his post-presidency roots but to also meet with nine key organization's within the black community in Lower Manhattan.

The collective meeting, which included leaders from the National Urban League, the NAACP and the National Action Network, was not one to endorse but rather to listen to the candidate and her message, "My campaign is really about breaking every barrier, because I believe absolutely American cannot live up to its potential unless every single person has a chance to live up to theirs," said Clinton during an open media session.

It was just last week that Senator Sanders met uptown with Reverend Al Sharpton at Sylvia's during his recent visit to Harlem.  However, Sharpton made one point quite clear to all today, "We must know where all the candidates are."

Rev. Sharpton then emphasized the inclusion of all is required to try and secure a coveted voting block in 2016, "When I had breakfast last week with Senator Sanders, I told him he has to meet with the collective. None of us deliver a black vote individually."

Sherrilyn Ifill with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund offered up her perspective to the morning filled with young and experienced leaders, "We though the conversation was good today. I was happy to see that Secretary Clinton did appear and clearly was comfortable and knowledgeable about many of the issues we talked about but was also open and receptive and listening about the concerns we brought to the table."

When I asked the National Urban Legue's Marc Morial about the timing of the meeting with both Nevada and South Carolina in play, he simply said, "They all want to do them now."

As for the Secretary's performance overall?  "I think Secretary Clinton was very candid and open and I think it's the beginning of a dialogue hopefully with all the candidates."