Howard looks into alleged Vice Media snow job

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn -- Vice Media is a booming company.

It’s producing a lot of excellent material, a lot of it from places most news people can’t or won’t go. It has a deal with HBO to produce specials and news.

But is it paying the snow removal guy?

That’s what we wanted to know after we got an email from Julius Greene. He said he and a couple of other guys came out in the January blizzard to clear snow from a Vice building in Williamsburg. The total bill was $920. And Greene says he can’t get paid.

“I don’t think it’s right for a big company like this to have us on the runaround for almost a month now,” Greene said. And Greene says the woman he was dealing with gave him conflicting information.

“She told us we’d be able to get paid immediately. Then she kept given us the runaround and the runaround and we came back and forth.”

When I went over to Vice’s building with Greene, the woman he’d talked to basically told me the check was in the mail. Politely. But that’s the gist of what she said.

Fortunately, soon after we left Vice, I got a call saying the company would cut Greene a check right away. Vice says Julius must have misunderstood the payment terms and he now was actually getting paid sooner than he otherwise would have.

Sure, it could be a misunderstanding. But the important thing is Greene has his money. And I’m going to keep watching Vice’s excellent material.