Severe thunderstorm sends loose bricks, furniture crashing down on NYC sidewalks

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NEW YORK – Severe thunderstorms tore through the tri-state Tuesday, ripping bricks out of buildings and tearing off chunks of concrete facades in Manhattan.

A large chunk of the building façade at 206 W. 96th St. came crashing down just after noon.

The estimated 200-pound piece of molding from close to the roof of the building between Broadway and Amsterdam first tore through the awning of the Broadway unisex barbershop and then scattered on the sidewalk below.

Miraculously, no pedestrians were hurt but the super's assistant was shaken.

"It was like 200 pounds and it fell from the top of the building, George Trinidad, assistant super, told PIX11. "There were bricks and everything."

The police, the FDNY and the NYC Buildings Department arrived at the scene to try to ensure that no more pieces of the building were in danger of falling off.

Less than 90 minutes earlier, high winds are being blamed for blowing a glass table off of a balcony on the 22nd floor at 530 7th Ave. near 39th Street.

Two female pedestrians were hit by the glass table and rushed to Bellevue where their injuries are said to be minor.

But a spokesman for the NYC Department of Buildings said the building owner was issued a violation for failure to secure the building during today's high winds.

That building owner was fined $5,000 and the owner of 206 W. 96th St. was fined $1,000 for failure to maintain the facade.