Waiter says customers ‘winterspreading’ at NYC restaurants, bars could be driving others away

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QUEENS, N.Y. – One Queens waiter is speaking out about an annoying habit by his restaurant customers.

“'Winterspreading' is when people go into a restaurant, peel off all of their layers, scarf, hat, gloves, coat, and not having a place to put them, they will put them on tables and chairs next to them," explained Darron Cardosa. "Therefore making those chairs unavailable for other customers.”

He also writes a blog about his adventures as a waiter. Cardosa says winterspreading isn’t just selfish, it can impact a restaurant’s bottom line.

“It can be a big deal on a busy night when every seat is need and wanted by another customer,” Cardosa said. “If you walk into a bar and you see that three of the stools have coats on them, maybe you decide to go someplace else.”

Cardosa does have an idea of what would eradicate winterspreading.

“Ideally in a perfect world, every place would have a coat check,” Cardosa said.  “But in New York City space limitations are an issue. So a lot of places don’t have room for a coat check.”

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