Make-A-Wish Foundation brings Iron Boy’s dreams to life

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Move over Iron Man! There's a new generation taking over to save the world -- meet Iron Boy.

The brave 9-year-old behind the mask is Domenic Pace from Australia. He's battling a real-life villain: cystic fibrosis.

He always dreamed of being a superhero, so with a little help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Sydney Police, his dream came true.

The Chief of Police called for Iron Boy's help after Iron Man's archenemy Ultron and his henchmen kidnapped a reporter named "Hope Joy."

Domenic and his brother Joseph, aka Captain Rhodes, took to the skies and the seas to battle Ultron.

The rescue mission shut down parts of Sydney as Domenic was picked up in a helicopter and rushed by speed boat to Clark Island where he used his super powers to save Hope Joy.

The final fight scene took place on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, where Iron Boy was cheered on by a crowd of supporters.

He also had the full support of his predecessor -- Iron Man himself. In a special video Robert Downey Jr. wished the little boy well, and declared him an honorary member of The Avengers.

Not only did Domenic battle villains and save his city, he stared down his illness and won the day.

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