North Carolina mom finds broken pacifier lodged in baby’s throat

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SANFORD, N.C. — Pacifiers are supposed to soothe your crying or teething baby, but one North Carolina mother found out her baby’s pacifier was actually dangerous, according to WTVD.

Kacie McFadden, of Sanford, N.C. said she found her son’s MAM pacifier lodged in his throat.

“He was about two months old,” Kacie said of her son, Ryder. “He was gurgling and I ran in the room and I found the pacifier had broken off — it was lodged in his throat and he was turning colors.”

McFadden tried to dislodge the pacifier from Ryder’s mouth, but the nipple was gone.

She did the Heimlich and it finally came out.

“It really could have killed him if I had not checked on him,” McFadden said.

The she called MAM.

MAM responded:

“‘This is very rare, was the pacifier used by another child?’ And I said that’s not possible, this is a brand new one,” McFadden said.

MAM apologized and sent new pacifiers and a note asking her to send in the broken one.

Two months later, it happened again.

“Had the scare of my life twice and now I’m not going to use them anymore,” McFadden said.

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