Howard investigates private investigators accused of keeping their client’s cash

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If I say “private investigator” or “PI” what do you think of? Tom Selleck as Magnum PI? James Garner as Jim Rockford? Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes?

Joe Gehebe thought of Global Investigation (without an “s” at the end). That was a mistake.

Joe went to Global because his company, Reniss Construction, fired him and withheld his last couple of paychecks. Reniss fired him because Joe couldn’t get his job done. He couldn’t get his job done because he says Reniss wasn’t paying the subcontractors with whom he was working.

So Joe got a judgment against Reniss and then hired the Global PI’s to get his money. The deal was Global would keep 40 percent and give Joe the rest, a total of about $2,880.

Global apparently collected his money last August. But Joe didn’t find out until October.

“At that time, I called up Global,” Joe told me. “And I says listen I understand you got my money. Where is it? And they just gave me a song and a dance. Gave me the run-around. Oh we have our money but we can’t release it. Every time…”

So Joe kept going around with Global and a guy supposedly named Dave Michaels. Finally, Joe contacted me.

I went over to Global’s office with Joe. I asked for Dave Michaels and a woman behind the door told me he wasn’t there. At the end she threatened to call police. I asked her to please call them. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

Turns out “Dave Michaels” may not even exist. The real people behind Global Investigation are Kimberly Williams and Yusef Arnold. Williams was the woman behind the door.

Here’s the bottom line. We spoke with an attorney who says he used to work with Global and dropped them after we contacted him. Henry Lung told us he met with Williams and Arnold. And Williams admitted she’d spent Joe’s money. So the PIs who worked for Joe wound up ripping him off.

On top of that, it turns out Reniss Construction, its owner and his daughter have been indicted for allegedly failing to pay subcontractors.

The Manhattan DA also knows what Williams and Arnold did to Joe. So it could be an easy double play for the DA to go after them, as well. Or Kimberly Williams and Yusef Arnold could pay Joe what they owe him. Pronto.

We’ll see what happens.