Hunter College murder victim’s children continue to search for suspect disguised in ‘afro wig’

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AMITYVILLE, N.Y. -- Alicia Roscoe Williams was 12 years old, when she, her father, and her dad's fiancée checked out of a hotel in North Carolina on July 11, 1989.

Her 13th birthday wasn't far off and they had just finished visiting relatives in the South.

Alicia's father, 43 -year-old George Roscoe, took a picture of his smiling daughter at the hotel desk. The next morning, July 12, he was fatally shot outside Hunter College in New York City.

The killer was a woman, wearing an Afro wig and sunglasses. She yelled at Roscoe, as he arrived at 7:30 a.m. for his job as Acting Director of Housekeeping Services at Hunter.

She chased him through a courtyard on East 68th Street off Lexington Avenue, firing several bullets that hit Roscoe.

He locked himself in the men's bathroom and later died. The killer ditched the wig and ran into the nearby 68th Street subway station.

"I've been looking for answers for 26 years," said Alicia Roscoe Williams in her Amityville, Long Island home. Williams is reaching a milestone birthday this year: 40.

Alan Roscoe, who was 18 when his father was killed, recalled his dad had received threatening letters at least a year before he died.

"Cryptic messages," he said. "You're a dead man."

"He worked himself from the ground up." Alan Roscoe told PIX11. "He cleaned office buildings. Waxed floors. He got his GED, the Bachelor's degree, and then he was going for his Masters."

Roscoe was divorced from his children's mother and they had met several of his lady friends. He used to live with Pansy Clayton, a physical therapist, in the Bronx. The two had broken up and Roscoe was engaged to another employee at Hunter.

PIX11 met Clayton at her new Bronx home and she told us she would still like to know what happened. She cried recalling the suddenness of Roscoe's death and told us she didn't know who the lady in the wig was.
She was working at a Bronx nursing home that day.

"I want to know what happened, too," Clayton said.

The family said police had also investigated whether a jealous co-worker may have wanted to kill Roscoe. But his murder remains a mystery.

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