It’s a ‘G’ Thing: Local nonprofit offers free dance classes for seniors

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We're movin' and we're groovin'!

“I enjoy the exercise most of all,” Marie said.

“This class helps us to feel younger,” Zimian smiled.

“It’s fun!” Karen added.

The good times are happening at the George Bruce Library in West Harlem, all part of Movement Speaks,' a program run by Dances for a Variable Population.

“These are programs that promote greater mobility, strength, balance, and creativity," Naomi Goldberg Haas said.

Naomi Goldberg Haas started the nonprofit in 2005 after years of being a dancer.

“I'm interested in the limitations in people’s bodies or the particular characteristics of a human being,” she explained.

“'[The teacher] is excellent," Marie smiled. "She knows what our bodies need, and she speaks loudly so those of us who can’t hear, can hear."

These classes are held regularly across the city and don't cost a dime.

“These neighborhoods often have spaces that are underused and people in these spaces that need programs so it’s a perfect marriage,” Haas said.

The benefits of an active lifestyle are huge at any age.

“This class can help us to work every muscle!"

“Are you tired afterwards?" I asked Karen. "No, energized!” she replied.

But for Lucy,  Movement Speaks has meant so much more.

“Before I could not walk, now I can walk and I can even walk fast," Lucy explained. "I had a stroke before and this has helped very much.”

From the arms, to the legs, to the glutes, the 90-minute session works muscles I didn't even know I had.

“You're flexible, you’re not self conscious, you’re outgoing, you're energetic, you’re strong, and you’re funny," Rebecca said about my dancing. "You forgot something," I replied. "Handsome!”

They leave feeling rejuvenated and with new friends each week.

“I like that I can pace myself and I always feel better afterward,” Rebecca said.

“Do it, because you gotta keep moving," Karen added. "If you don’t keep moving, you stop.”

And while this may be a class for seniors, they've proved they are far from old.

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