Ex-NYPD cop still living rent-free in Queens home

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JAMAICA ESTATES, Queens – Just when you think justice will be done, the infamous Baileys find a way to thwart it.

Ex-NYPD cop Winston Bailey and his wife Elaine rented Aida Byrne's Jamaica Estates home after she and her husband Rodolfo moved to Miami.  Now, he's ill and she's taking care of him except the Bailey's shenanigans won't let her and she has to keep coming up to court in New York.

The Baileys haven't paid rent in nearly two years.  They filed for bankruptcy to wipeout about $100,000 that Aida says they owe her.

Aida's got eviction orders but the Baileys keep seeking stays.  They've even had a daughter seek a stay on the eviction and she's not even on the lease.

Eviction was set for January 26 but the Baileys' latest filing had Aida rushing to bankruptcy court to seek another order from the judge requiring the Baileys to show cause why they shouldn't get the boot.  Judge Carla Craig issued it so on February 4 the Baileys are due in court to explain why they've been wasting her time.

In the meantime, Elaine Bailey has filed a statement containing another stay on the eviction and she wants Craig to award her $1.5 million for alleged mental anguish, harassment and discrimination.

In a desperate plea to get the situation over with, one of Aida's daughters wrote to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton seeking his help.  However, there isn't much he  can do.

Judge Craig meets the Baileys in court on Feb. 4.