Bridgeport man arrested for exhuming bodies: police

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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Police say a Bridgeport man who’s wanted in Massachusetts for exhuming bodies has been taken into custody.

Authorities went to 40-year-old Felix Delgado’s home Tuesday with a narcotics-related search warrant.

Police say they discovered multiple altars adorned with human skulls, dead chickens and blood inside the home.

Delgado told police he is a Santeria priest.

He was arrested as a fugitive from justice from Worcester, Massachusetts, where he’s wanted on eight counts of disinterment of bodies.

It’s unclear if he’s represented by an attorney.

A Hartford man in December pleaded not guilty to stealing skeletal remains from a mausoleum. He told police he used them in Santeria ceremonies.

Santeria mixes Roman Catholicism with a traditional African faith. Scholars say it was imported to Cuba through slaves from Nigeria’s Yoruba tribe.